By 2050, more than half of Africa’s population will be under 25 years old

We are a non-profit organization, committed to human capital development so as to harness the potentials of the African Youth

About Us

Who We Are

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, African Youth Network For Leadership and Development is a youth focused continental and non-profit organization committed to human capital development so as to harness the potentials of the African Youth by equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge to enhance their socio-economic and mental well-being as well as provide them with opportunities to develop in our key programming areas of Financial Literacy, Leadership Development, Mentorship & Coaching, Entrepreneurship Development and nation building.

Key Programming Areas

Financial Literacy

We provide financial education to young people and get them to start the journey of becoming financially independent. We are committed to equipping young people with the required financial literacy and habits to make prudent personal financial decisions now and in the future for financial independence.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development arm aims at not only building effective leadership skills in the youth, but much more to create a batch of leaders for Africa with both the conceptual and visionary skills to transform Africa as a whole. Our leadership arm also provides the opportunity to mentor Africa’s next leaders and help create the SPIRIT of the FUTURE.

Mentorship and Coaching

Young people should be well prepared for life after school or for those whose who are actively engaged in the world of work. Their continuous personal and career development is very relevant in order to get to the top in their chosen fields. Our organization is committed to youth human capital development.


We are committed to helping transform the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa through the provision of business support services to entrepreneurs and equipping them with the basic skills to launch and run their businesses. We also serve business information repositories for MSME’s in Africa.


What People Say

It is a platform to nurture African youths for today’s leadership

ThankGod Egbeshiobu Izeuma

It will promote good values among west African youths who are models for good governance

Vivian Offiong

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